One of the key things to consider when starting any kind of health treatment is how the treatment works. Zetaclear solution is applied twice daily to the surface of discolored nails and to the tip of thickened nails to fight fungal infection. This usually clears up discoloration in as little as three weeks. Take a loook at some of zetaclear’s ingredients here.

Because thickening is harder to clear up, it might be possible to use an alternative band aid method with Zetaclear solution to clear up thickening in the nail. This is done by applying the solution both to the surface and tip of the nail and immediately covering with a band aid and leaving the area covered until your next bath. Once bathed, dry the nails and repeat the process until the issue has cleared up.

The band aid works to keep moisture out of the nail and the Zetaclear solution applied for maximum success and a faster cure. If the band aid should slide or move around on the toe, it is very important the band aid be immediately replaced and more solution applied to the area. Try adding another band aid applied in a different direction to keep them both secure.

Once or twice a week, smoothen the surface of your nail with an emery board and scrape out the debris from underneath the thickened nail. Using this method, it is possible to see improvement to the thickened nail’s appearance in four weeks.

As the Zetaclear solution breaks down the keratin in the nail and the debris is scraped away, you will find healthier, clearer nails surfacing. This is a very good home remedy for treating nail fungus.

Even if only one nail seems to need help, it is still advised to apply to solution to all. Fungus is often present long before it is visible, and by treating all nails on both your hands and your feet you will be certain to eliminate the problem entirely.
It is advised to continue using the solution twice weekly for up to six months after the nails are restored to keep fungal infection away.

The solution can also be used for athlete’s foot and ringworm by applying the gel to the surface of the problem once daily for four weeks. For athlete’s foot, pay special attention to the area between the toes and wear well-ventilated shoes and clean socks every day.
Zetaclear solution is an easy way to eliminate the problem of fungus from your body and restore skin and nails to its original, healthy state.

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