In haste I write you this note: stories & half-stories

29 December, 2015 (12:09) | | By: admin

A young woman allergic to wasps tries to reach out to a neighbor, unsure if he is a jock, or a murderer; a feisty lobster woman ostracized by a North Atlantic fishing village tells a handsome stranger of other strangers who have washed up on her shore, and left her with a “brood of brats;” just before his sixtieth birthday celebration, a man learns his only friend just died.

He faces more than his own mortality; in a small Southeast Asian port, a woman living in the Australian Outback tries to find some rapport with her hip new daughter-in-law from Chicago, and both confronts unexpected terrors; a daughter tries to come to terms with her brilliant father’s amorous adventures, and his physical decline. Whether the story is set in Latin America, the Far East, Canada or the United States, an undercurrent of hope and longing ties these apparently diverse characters together in a compelling and poignant unity.


May her plane explode
with just one fatality.
But, should it not,
may the other woman spew
persistent dysentery
from your first night ever after.
May the other woman vomit
African bees and Argentine wasps.
May cobras uncoil from her loins.
May she be eaten not
by something dramatic like lions,
merely by a homely warthog.
I do not want her to fall down a well
for fear of spoiling the water
nor die on the highway because
she might obstruct traffic.
Rather, something easy, and cheap:
clap contracted en route from some other bloke.
And should she nonetheless survive
all these critical possibilities
may she quietly die of boredom with you.